Welcome to our WDU #5. We have reached a breakpoint on Cosmicrafts development. Multiplayer. NFTs, Tokens, AirDrops and more are coming before new years eve. Thanks for reading.


This week we focused primarily on player data and other important game features. The idea is that there may soon be a more vivid profile identity where you can change your icon, character, cards, etc. to give strategy to the game. For that we began to devise the bridge that would pull the Definity NFTs into the player’s collection and finally onto the battlefield. In the same way, build the bases for skill-type cards and characters in the game, since they are also NFTs.

We have a very wide map of the structure for each NFTs and look forward to doing some testing soon to begin polishing and balancing the stats. We are so excited to be able to create the first skill and the first character in the game, we have many possibilities in mind and we trust that they will give much more excitement to the battles.

Our goal is for the next update to have all these new features and be the foundation for multiplayer, since if not for all these essential mechanics, the combats between the players will be monotonous.

Despite the hard work and time that has gone into developing all of this, we know the new update will be worth the wait and we have faith that it will not disappoint players.


As you may have noticed, the website was only available in English.

Thanks to everyone in the community who has contributed to the translations, this week extra languages ​​will be added on the main website!

In addition all current settings will be saved in your profile so that when you enter from any device, your language preferences will be maintained or any customization selected will remain there in the future.


We are still working on the NFTs, and we are so much closer to having our first airdrop as we are already laying the foundations for what the NFTs will be in the game!

Work has also begun on the multiplayer and we have detected several aspects that we must focus on in order to develop it. During this week we will continue this development to have the Multiplayer ready as soon as possible! As development progresses, we will be able to share more details and dates when this will be testable.

As always, we thank you for all the support provided and we assure you that because of you this project improves every day!


We have reached a critical point on the development.

It is time to define what features the game is going to have through the NFTs.

I have created a long and still unfinished document (in spanish), describing what kind of NFTs the game will have, like rarity, classes, characteristics or features.

We’re talking about new characters with independent-unique talents, avatars and emotes.

Different types of units like spaceships, heavy armored carriers, turrets, buildings that give you advantages like generating more energy, increasing the attack or attack speed of all your units, skills that can turn around the game in difficult situations, and much more!

Abilities like having 25% chance to deal a Critical Hit of 250% base damage or 15% chance to dodge damage. How about having a chance to block incoming damage or reflecting a percentage of the damage received to the attacker.

Also, the ability to upgrade your NFTs by having copies of the same one and merging them altogether to create a much better version of it.

These are just some examples of the new upcoming features with the NFT system.

Of course all these features along with multiplayer still have yet to be coded and it’s going to take some time but the good news is, we’ve done it before using Unity and Photon and we’re pretty confident we’ll do it again, this time way better on the IC.

Also we’ve been waiting for Blockchain Development to create our first Artwork NFTs, the collection is still in development via Figma


As for Art, we’ve been working on the website design since we’ve been evolving into a webgl platform that can run on almost every browser. Cosmicrafts.com is designed as a portal to enter the game canister and start playing.

Here are the sections we’ll be covering in November:

  • Play
  • Community
  • Roadmap
  • Whitepaper
  • Wikicosmicrafts
  • Support

Also, November is where we start taking Cosmicrafts to DeFi by creating the Spiral token and Genesis Artwork NFT Collection.

As always we thank everyone for supporting the development, we love our community and our mods are awesome!

OGs and hackathon members we still remember you!, And we know we owe you some bomb exotic and unique NFTs, stay tuned for more.



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