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First of all: Happy new year to everyone! May all your wishes come true!

Now, let’s get started!

This is our first WDU of 2022. We are unifying All-in-one developer notes into one that has it all. This way we’re delivering an exclusive executive summary on what is going on around the development.

On this WDU we will talk about Multiplayer: We’ve successfully run our first official test and unlocked the holy grail of multiplayer on blockchain: Real-time Game Servers.

Secondly you will get a fully detailed sneak peek of how our Spirats exclusive spaceships will look like + BONUS, a new Character concept design.

And last but not least, our first Airdrop, how is it going and when will there be more?!

So grab your coffee, sit tight and: GET ON THE READY!

Game & Blockchain

For the first time ever we have real time multiplayer on the Internet Computer and now we’re building a Public Test Realm (PTR) to share with you this week to give it a try.

We’re pioneers on something unique and Cosmicrafts will be Open Source for other developers to learn and take advantage of this new technology, as it opens the gate to Decentralization for other kinds of real time multiplayer games such as Mobas, Sports, MMORPGs, Shooters and Action Role-Playing.

As for NFTs and Tokens there’s no official standards for the Internet Computer yet, like there is for example in Ethereum with the ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155.

So we’ve decided to go all the way with Psychedelic DAO and here are the reasons:

  • Decentralization and Transparency are values that we follow and are the pillars on which Internet Computer and other blockchains were built in.
  • They are an experienced group of developers that we can trust with our smart contracts.
  • DIP standards are compatible with EVM, meaning we will be able to natively transfer assets from blockchains like Ethereum, BSC, Matic, Avalanche, Harmony etc.
  • Also, we will be integrating most of their projects on our canisters, like CAP, Sonic, DAB, Cover and Terabethia. All these projects are such an important part of giving legitimacy to Cosmicrafts.

And finally regarding our first Airdrop we’re working on wrapping with DAB your NFTs so you can visualize them using Plug and Stoic wallets.

Entrepot is the place to be in terms of NFT Marketplace, so we’re just waiting for confirmation on their end to work it out and have our first collection available for trading.

As for our first collection of NFTs we’re working on wrapping them with DAB, this way you will be able to visualize them in Plug and Stoic wallets. We’re doing some transfer tests during the week and ready to go!

So thanks for waiting and expect to start getting airdropped this weekend.

And then prepare for the next one because we’ll go for some more!

For now our focus remains on building the foundations for a great and long term game experience.


We’re on Phase 1 with the Spirats, in this stage we’re building the identity and foundations on which this faction will play their role in Cosmicrafts.

Building for the metaverse is a dream come true, adding characters, stories, architecture and sci-fi engineering.

Let’s take a look at our newest Spirats inventions:

The Goblin:

This is a Frigate warship, built for speed and maneuverability, it’s armed with multiple canons and shaped in a way that is able to dodge attacks. It comes equipped with an explosive charge so when it reaches an enemy ship´s hull, it crashes and creates a breach that lowers the ship’s capabilities to defend itself from further attacks.

The Humpback

A Titan class warship made so that it can absorb tons of damage and hit hard in area with its close range attacks.

This unstoppable ship is carrying resources for other Spirate ships so it’s presence gives confidence to the whole fleet.

The Insektoid

This is a Dreadnought that has a main siege canon for long range massive damage. Made in Sotzeer´s image,

It’s cannon uses a special kind of dark, gravitational magic. An example of the technology which Sotzeer calls magic.

The Piranha

This is a swift light armor Battleship that inflicts a lot of damage but can be an easy target for enemies to focus.

Mostly used behind heavy armored flagships, because of its low hit points and its vulnerability to enemy attacks.

The Manta

An stealth bomber designed for pincer attacks during ambush operations. This special ship comes equipped with a mysterious gravitational technology that enables it to move through the void without using the booster for a short amount of time. The first known example of a functional camouflage in outer space.

The Hammer

This is a Battlecruiser warship equipped with multiple cannons to disrupt enemy formations as it goes. Brutal and slow, a huge amount of damage is required to damage the heavy gravity shields that protect it. The point is designed to bump on enemy ships while it barrages them with spread guns and heavy guns.

We’re also working on a new line of NFT Characters that will be available to play and trade with.


As soon as we managed to MINT NFTs on our side, we thought of a way to give back all the love our community has been giving to us in the past months. And we come up with the idea of just giving away THOUSANDS of NFTs to our beloved community.

So, Data Scraping on Twitter has been a wild ride. To be honest with you all, it has been a real challenge to collect all data without missing a single person, so we pledge for your patience, and don’t worry, as we said: WE WILL DELIVER!

Speaking of Airdrops, these will continue throughout 2022 in different events, within all of our Official Social Media Accounts. We will also do some Airdrops through our partners, communities and IC VIP influencers.

The reason behind these massive Airdrops it’s because one of our goals for this 2022 is to reach out to more people as we prepare the foundations for this first stage of the game, Multiplayer, NFTs, and the Spiral token.

As we announced, we want our community to decide the prices of all these NFTs and before the end of this year we will be able to exchange your Artwork NFTs for new and upgradeable in-Game NFTs. Massive burns will take out of circulation these NFTs and rise floor prices once again as only the most valuable Artwork remains.

Also, we are still seeking for more collaborations/partnerships with IC Projects, Communities and individuals who wish to participate and work together to make the Internet Computer a better place for all.

Finally we want to thank all of our partners, collaborators, MODs and of course to all the Community for your support, patience and commitment.

Last shoutout goes to specially thank our Board of Advisors for their contributions towards building a better game for everyone to enjoy!

Set a course, take it slow, make it happen!

Omar ‘Bizkit’ Hernandez

Cosmicrafts CEO

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