Hello and welcome to our Cosmicrafts WDU #12!

First of all we want to thank you for continuing to support our project and for waiting so patiently for these contents. Therefore, our plan is to also do a LIVE! Monthly Developer Update on Twitch, Portal, Youtube, Twitter or Discord, (we haven’t decided where, yet), with our project stakeholders such as Frenzy, PK34, Wos, Moo, Ingram and myself. We will let you know as soon as we have more info on this.

Meanwhile, we are also happy to announce that we have been working on important Multiplayer fixes; new art & concepts for Spirats; very important Community collaborations + Airdrops; while also, preparing for our very unique GENESIS NFT COLLECTION PUBLIC SALE with the aid of a decentralized project within the Internet Computer (down below, we talk more about that), and finally BUT more importantly:

Our Official’s Whitepaper and Roadmap, coming up in March!

So, fasten your seatbelts and…#GetOnTheShip!

Omar “Bizkit” Hernández

CEO & Founder

PROGRAMMING: Multiplayer System (Week 4)

In this fourth week of development, we mainly focused on correcting main issues regarding disconnection, wins by disconnection and ties. We also have been monitoring reconnecting times and time-expired games.

By default, a match should not last more than 6 minutes, so after that mark, it should be always removed from the blockchain, regardless of the outcome. In these cases where time runs out, we will decide through a system we will develop, which of the players would result as a winner. For the time being, a tie is ruled out!

Regarding disconnects, we set a maximum reconnect time to allow players to be able to continue the match, otherwise if the player doesn’t come back, it will result in a loss for the offline player, if he’s gone for too long.

The amount of time allowed to reconnect will be adjusted based on future testing.

A problem we are aware of, it’s the great latency that exists in the communication between the game and the blockchain, so we have to be careful not to confuse a long intermittence, with a disconnection. We hope that as the ICP blockchain improves its communication speeds, we will be able to have more control eventually.


There is still a lot of work to be done to have a well-rounded and fully playable multiplayer, but we are getting there. We are working to greatly improve the game flow while not forgetting to cover most of the technical issues we are aware of. Now, it is time to test and try these new changes in order to be able to refine it and move on to the next system development.

Moisés “Frenzy” López

Founder & Game Dev. Director

BLOCKCHAIN: NFT’s, Multiplayer and WEB Update

This week in Blockchain Coding, we have been focusing on a script in order to mint and AirDrop the promised NFT’s to all of you that participated in the December 31th 2021 event!

We’re getting closer and closer every day, and we can’t wait for all of you to start receiving in your Principals some of the amazing artwork that our team had been creating!

We have been also working on several improvements to the Multiplayer in order to prevent matches against AFK players, and to also detect players that keep disconnecting from the game. This, along with better timing control (data processing was updated to counter IC latency) should be implemented within the next couple of weeks.

Last but not least, our web developer, DevAngel, made some remarkable improvements to the main login site, and we are integrating them into the canister’s code.

When this is done, most devices will improve their view on the login page, as the responsiveness was one of the main fixes planned while also focusing throughout the integration with another wallet.


There is still a lot to do and everything is going well. In the next few days you’ll start experiencing some amazing tweaks, so stay tuned for updates!

Francisco “PK34” Peguero

Co-Founder & Blockchain Director

COMMUNITY: Spiral Token & Genesis NFT Collection sales; Whitelist & Airdrops, and LIVE! Monthly Developer Update

In Community, we feel really happy with what we have achieved in these past six months. We literally started every single Social Media Account from scratch and our team is doing a great job in convincing more people to join and support this project.

Also, this had been really important for us, because we went from being an unknown project within the Internet Computer, to a more recognized and known entity not only within the Ecosystem, but also in other Blockchains.

This has been key for us to attract new talented team members, gamers, partners, collaborations, and also investors!

Spiral Token

Next two months will be key for this project while we prepare for our Seed Round sale for the Spiral Token, and also while we work on our brand new Genesis NFT Collection, which by the way, will be sold to the public VERY VERY SOON™, with the aid of a real decentralized Internet Computer project. We will talk more about this later, though!


We will make official announcements of all of this very soon™!

Meanwhile, I can tell you that we will keep doing more Whitelist & AirDrops events in all of our Social Media Accounts. We started with some giveaways on Twitter but next week we plan to start some giveaways on OpenChat or DSCVR i.e.


Oh, and by the way, we still have some Dfinity Gang NFT’s waiting to be sent to your wallets, and more Cosmicrafts ArtWork Airdrop spots for you!

Finally, we want to officially invite you to our first Live Monthly Developer’s Update! We will announce the official platform that we will use for this the official date! Thank you for reading!

Ladislao “Wos” Cantarell

Co-Founder, Community Director & H.R.

3D ART: Spirats Ship Collection & Sotzeer Base 3d Modeling. CosmicCons are next!

We are currently finishing the Spirats faction’s Army Collection, which consists of 19 combat spaceships and 1 Base.

All ships have gone through a lot of changes, and also ships and designs that we decided to put on hold. This road has been long and hard (no pun intended), but we are proud of what we have achieved.

Being part of the World of Unreal development team has been a great experience, and I’m happy that the people from within the team have been very helpful and an inspiration to our work.

Here are the ships we’ve created so far:


The Hammer:

The Manta:


The Goblin:


The Cachalot:

And, least but not least: The angler which is currently a Work in Progress

We are also working on different concepts for a Sotzeer’s base as well



Right now we will take a month in order to polish all the Spirats ships, along with the bases we have created, in order to perfect our creations.

After that we will start focusing on developing concepts for the next faction: The CosmicCons!

Vladimir “Moo” Rojo
3D & Art Manager

ART CONCEPTS: New Spirats Concepts; Art, Ships & Sotzeer Base.

I made five concepts of ships inspired by 5 different animals, mainly sharks and fishes; each with a unique game design in mind. We had to pick the first one to start working on it, so we chose the one that was inspired by an angler fish.

The Angler

Also, textures for Cachalot and Humpback were done during this week too.

This week, I had to catch up on Sotzeer’s base design. So I took it to Blender and made the base there. Made a quick render and drew over it. It took a relatively longer time than expected, because I had to make the models (rough models) and do the drawing afterwards, but overall the result was so much better. I will make future designs this way.

Some base designs were inspired by animals such as a crab, an urchin, pyramids, and Sotzeer´s head. The functionality and game design was decided on the run, during the design.

I thought of two routes, gameplay wise, the pirates could take in space:

  • Bases: a low-resource and low-risk structure made for strategic battles
  • Colonies: Comes with higher-risk but would work as an overwhelming structure that could mean glory (or doom, if played poorly) for your gameplay.

Each base was well received by the Team, and it is my hope that they can all be added to the game as an NFT, allowing you to play and choose the one you like.



Another task I was given last week was to design the icons for the game’s interface. These icons would be simple renders of sci-fi themed things. I have been struggling with the “EXP bar symbol”. I plan on making it a rank marker, so I’m currently making four variations inspired by military ranks and medals.

These particular icons need to have better rendering due to their stationary nature; players will be looking at them for longer periods of time, so they should look badass! This has turned out to be a difficult task and it has taken me some time to complete it as I had to study some materials and designs.

Ingram “YogSoth” Díaz

2D Concept Artist

Cosmicrafts Official Social Media




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