Welcome to our 10th Weekly Developer Update. In this issue you will read about pur new matchmaking system, the changes being done to the code, more about the Spirats concept and a special advice from Bizkit, for those who want to venture on a Game Developing campaign.

As always, we want you to thank you for reading and sharing our contents. We are still doing some team adjustments in order to improve our communication between you and our development team. This may take a while, but i promise it will be better.

Finally we want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year, hoping all your dreams come true not only for you but also for your beloved ones. May your next year be awesome!

Wos, Cosmicrafts CCO


We already have a preview of the Match Creation and matchmaking system and we will start the tests to see how the response times work with Dfinity. Our hopes are latencies may not be too high in order to be able to have fast games. At the moment we will not get involved with balancing issues or creating games with players of similar levels, we will work on it when the number of players get relevant. Over time we will also improve the connections with the blockchain, the first priority will be to streamline this algorithm to find games as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once having stable connections between the players and the game, it will be the time to work on the difficult part of synchronizing the events of the game and managing that data well so that we achieve a balance between speed and quality in multiplayer. Also we will continue working on the security of the data channel and the serialization of the information, both are very important subjects we must address before going into production.

Dfinity will also help support us in streamlining communication with the blockchain and we hope that working together will help us achieve a pleasant gaming experience.


Hello everyone! It’s been a couple of weeks since I shared something with you and it will be worth it, I promise!

We have been working on the Multiplayer and this week we are starting some internal tests to check the path we are going to take from here on. This test will focus on the IC connectivity to the game engine starting with the matchmaking, match data sync and multiplayer progress.

Also we continue to work on the Spiral Token with the standard DIP20 which seems to be the one that will be used by the Internet Computer DeFi, and the tokenomics that need to be implemented before the token creation and minting.

This week is Christmas! And Santa is working really hard on getting us something very special, so stay tuned this week!

Happy holidays to everyone! And thank you for your support and following us on this amazing road!


My second week with this amazing project!! Last week we received Bizkit´s feedback on the inner shapes and on what changes to make to the ship. The team went to work on said changes: -make the inner shapes bigger so they can be seen from afar. - add geometry to break the silhouette I designed some proposals for this inner shapes

At the same time i was developing quick concepts for a christmas dynamic for the web department.

Bizkit liked them but preferred I worked on the spirits ship. Then I worked on the textures for the ship. This paint over took some time to complete, but it was well received

I discussed with bizkit about the color scheme and he was ok with something similar to the proposed textures

The next day I proposed this color schemes as a representation of how alternate colors could look like in the game. Then I came up with a proposal to the Spirates Big ship and feedback is pending on this topic.

Afterwards, disaster struck, I had some licensing issues with my software and some technical issues with my tablet. They both stopped working and had to make some installing of the license and get a new tablet. Both of which I resolved within the following days. Meanwhile I did my best to come up with ships, designing by hand in a sketchbook and the making some easy silhouettes with the mousepad of my laptop.

And well that was my week, somewhat chaotic and busy but also fun and full of achievements. I´m excited for next week's surprises.

Thanks for reading. -iNGRAM


I just got off a meeting with the Cosmicrafts DevTeam and I would like to talk about it in this WDU.

Since we started building on the Internet Computer a lot of things have changed. I went from my regular part time job as game designer and tech artist to a full time project manager in the blink of an eye.

For 5 years, yes, I was managing the development and finances but in a different way since the core team would vary from 2 to 6 people and a lot of freelancers.

I can tell you it’s a completely new and exciting adventure to have so many people in-house working towards the same objectives, as I was used to relying for extra work on freelancers that didn’t know or care about the project, unprofessionals most of the time and they were just there for the taking.

We’ve grown so fast and added true value and talent to the team, developers that believe and are committed to the project like never seen before to me in all these years.

Communication is key to success, meeting after meeting to define our processes, quality assurance, keep the motivation, check and evaluate results so everyone is on the same page.

I want to give special thanks to @Wos, our Community Manager for going the extra mile beyond his responsibilities and taking care of the people around this project, without him this wouldn’t have been possible.

Behind a great team, there must be a solid base of trust.

For all the people that want to build their own projects, here is my humble advice:

Set a course, take it slow, make it happen!

Bizkit, Cosmicrafts CEO

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