Cosmicrafts: NFTs Collections & Benefits for HOLDERS

Let’s talk about Cosmicrafts NFTs & their benefits!

Cosmicrafts it’s a Free-to-Play/Play2Earn RTS game, where gamers can benefit from the rewards the game has to offer, such as NFTs & Tokens.

Our game features some collections that boost these benefits or aid the players when they perform in Ranked PvP scenarios.

We have 3 collections so far:

300 Genesis NFTs

+20,000 Community Artwork NFTs

Spirats Collection — Volume 1 NFTs


This is where it all started. The source of the project. Our first investors and believers. You must know that holding a Genesis, it’s like holding the Holy Grail of Cosmicrafts.

Genesis NFTs will be the most powerful NFT, strictly speaking of in-game & offline benefits.

Let’s explore benefits from Genesis a little deeper by looking at the roadmap :

Genesis exclusive Roadmap

First quarter (Mar-Jun 2022)
OG Rank on Discord
+3 Artwork NFTs Airdrop
Whitelist for Spirats Collection
Project privileged information & sneak peeks (#🚀│og-private-chat in Discord)

We fully completed the first list of the Genesis benefits from March to June. But, according to our Holders, something was still missing.

And we agreed with them.

So we add these extra benefits to the roadmap for next quarter.

Second Quarter (Jul-Sept 2022)
Listed in all 2022 Community Airdrops
Neutrino Token Airdrops (Holding extra Genesis NFTs will get you extra rewards)
Exclusive extra Game Missions/Challenges (More rewards daily!)
Missions/Challenges cooldown reduction
Whitelist for CosmicCon Collection

Extra benefits added to the Roadmap (Jul-Sept)
Exclusive Spacecraft dropped to Holders
Exclusive Hero dropped to Holders
Exclusive Artifact level NFT

Our commitment is to keep adding extra benefits to this roadmap, and we are always open to hear new suggestions.

Spirats Artifact NFT

Now, moving to the Spirats Collection. This collection will have their unique roadmap just like Genesis. How powerful will these Spirats artifacts will be? Well, we are building an interesting set of mechanics and benefits for the player, to enhance their abilities on Ranked PvP. These benefits will come from: +Statistics, new abilities (Special attacks/Defense, healing items, boosts, etc).

  • 100% Hand-crafted, state of the art, unique artwork.
  • Unlocking a new Artifact rarity level
  • Stackable In-Game benefits with Genesis
  • Most of Genesis offline benefits
  • Token/NFTs Airdrops
  • Whitelists
  • Access to private discord
  • Unique roadmap
  • Instant access to Closed Beta (Coming up in August 2022)
  • Exclusive NFTs airdrops only for HOLDERS (usable in-game)
  • Exclusive Holder Artifact level airdrops for HOLDERS (usable in-game)

And more to come…

Now, Genesis NFTs even at an Epic level, will remain as the most poweful NFT, BUT it will be stackable Spirats NFTs. You can crush your enemies using your Spirats Artifacts and at the same time getting the +Extra rewards/Benefits from Genesis NFTs.

Artifacts will be an enormous boost when playing Cosmicrafts, and can be decisive when facing a more powerful or skilled enemy. These Artifacts will help players to climb the PvP ladder easily and of course, to earn better and more rewards like Tokens/NFTs.

Also, it’s low supply will make them priceless in the near future when more player joins the battle and are harmless against your warfare Spirats Artifacts.

Now, it’s time to talk about the Community Artwork collection.

Community Artwork was born originally on December 31th, 2021, as a way to promote our newborn game in the Internet Computer. People waited for months in order to get their NFTs. And for this, we made a partnership with one of the real decentralized projects from the Internet Computer: NFT Anvil.

NFT Anvil it’s an awesome project. It literally allows anyone to mint from 1 to 100,000,000 NFTs collections, without permissions or approvals or long wait times. But also, it’s still a work in progress, like 99.99% of the projects in the Internet Computer. Building NFT Anvil as it is right now, it’s such a giantnormous progress for the ICP Community. But we are not here to talk about the Blacksmith and it’s anvil, we are here to talk about Cosmicrafts Artwork.

So, this Cosmicrafts Artwork NFTs main purpose will be as an entry NFT for those who cannot get free playable NFTs on Closed beta & also to upgrade your army. Let me explain it calm and slowly.

In Closed Beta, you will be able to pick a side: Spirats or CosmicCons. This closed beta will feature the battle between our first 2 factions (from many) introduced to our community. There are more factions like Celestials, Archs, Spades and WeBes, among others not yet disclosed. So, players that hop on into the Closed beta will be given 8 spacecrafts NFTs for free to battle in Single player or Multiplayer.

New players/accounts will have to exchange/burn 8 Community Artwork NFTs in order to play the game. And, yes. If you want to play on both sides, you will be required to burn/exchange 16 Artwork NFTs just to get the initial spacecrafts. And there’s more to come.

This will be the first burn mechanic for Community Artwork NFTs to control inflationary effects on this collection.

Second burn mechanic of these will be to Upgrade your NFTs. In Cosmicrafts you will need to spend Tokens & NFTs to progress in the game. You will be required to upgrade your spacecrafts in order to stay competitive on the PvP ladder or the Arenas, in order to earn more and better rewards.

So, how will this NFT Upgrades will work?

Example A:

You have this Level 1 Starter NFT

You are struggling in ladder, because all the players are already level 2–3 ahead of you. What do you do? UPGRADE YOUR NFT!!

To upgrade your Level 1 Starter to Level 2, you will be required: 10 Spiral token + 10 Neutrino token + 2 Community Artwork NFTs

Example B: You have this Level 2 NFT

You want to upgrade it to Level 3 NFT, you will be required:

20 Spiral token + 20 Neutrino token + 4 Community Artwork NFTs

Example C:

You have this Level 5 NFT

To upgrade it to Level 6, you will be required: 780 Spiral token + 780 Neutrino token + 12 Community Artwork NFTs


I forgot to mention: An In-game marketplace is being developed for this NFTs. Also, it will feature an exchange for Closed beta exclusive rewards. You will be able to buy Special Edition NFTs/Cosmetics/rewards in exchange of Closed Beta currency. This rewards will be exclusive for this Closed Beta season and won’t be obtainable later

Third benefit, will be Community Artwork are also Collectibles. Since all new mints are different from each other and these will be burnt constantly by players, many of these MINTs will be extinct, so their value overtime will increase as rare possessions.

All in all, these are just examples and not the real formula we have planned for this upgrades, it’s just to show you how it’s going to work.

Please let me hear your thoughts on this, I will more than happy to hear your questions & concerns.

Wos, Cosmicrafts Community Director



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