Cosmicrafts Lore — It all started with the big bang

Everything started billions of Cycles ago when #Celestials and #Archs were born . Both beings were powerful creatures with Spiral energy but only Celestials had self-consciousness, while Archs were primal organisms with an unmatched survival instinct and insatiable hunger. We call that time: the “Red One epoch”, when matter and energy density was massive.

It’s also known as the most dangerous epoch, when life was constantly changing, evolving and extinguishing. Every living being was struggling on the survival of their own species.

It was during that epoch that the two most ancient and powerful beings of the #Metaverse engaged in combat. Celestials and Archs fought against each other for supremacy and survival of their own species.

An asteroid full of life, an asteroid also filled with Archs hit the Celestials homeworld, plaguing and annihilating every form of life that inhabited there.

Those who resisted, fell into corruption. Corrupted Celestials turned against their brothers and sisters. With their high level of intelligence they quickly learned how to control the erratic Archs whilst commanded them to kill or infest their own kin.

In the midst of the conflict, the ancient Arch-god Ygg-Ploth emerged and led the swarms of Archs and corrupted Celestials. Despite Celestial’s enormous power and advanced technology, the ruthlessness and endless voracity of the Archs was superior and Celestials were losing the war.

“A prophecy of a God. A prophecy of a Celestial God that will lead to the resistance against Archs”

When the last Celestial bastion was about to fall, a light in darkness emerged, and Red One was born.

He fought bravely and led the remaining Celestials in combat during the Great Cosmic War. In a sudden turn of events, Celestials vanquished the Archs from their homeworld, but at a high cost. The newborn, Red One, got corrupted by the Arch-God, Ygg-Ploth before escaping into the void.

After the war and with corruption still lingering within the highest Celestials ranks, a judge was called against their savior, and Red One was incarcerated under the accusations for transgressing the life of their corrupted and fallen brethren. Red One was imprisoned. And was forced to fight corruption from Ygg-Ploth by himself.

After a few trials. blinded by fear and the confusion brought by other corrupted members of the conclave, they ordered Red One’s execution. His death marked the end of the first Cosmicrafts metaverse epoch: the Red One.

After Red One’s death, a special Celestial is born with a new mission in the Universe. They rule an epoch, always striving for balance and peace.

None of them has succeeded. Yet.

Written by Ladislao “Wos” Cantarell

Based on “Official Cosmicrafts main story” by Omar “Bizkit” Hernández



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