Cosmicrafts CEO DevBlog— This is how everything started…

Hello! My name is Omar and i’m CEO, founder, game designer, artist, HR’s & Accountant for Cosmicrafts project. Yes, i know right? Since this is the first of many more blogs to come, I’m going to take my time to talk about what got me into video game development and why it is very important to do something awesome with this project.

Once upon a time, back in 2016, I met this Moisés guy and suddenly we decided to create a video game. I joined the team as an Executive Producer, accountant and HR manager. Very soon into this project, things started to grow fast, and we were forced to swap plans and had to transform myself into a Tech Artist while at the same time I was still Game Designing along with all the duties i had before!

This had been the rhytm so far, and I’ve done everything on Cosmicrafts except, yeah of course, coding. And before we start with how this cosmicrafts idea came up, allow me to tell you a bit more about myself.

When I was a kid, I started with old school gaming like Nintendo games, but what really caught me into PC gaming was when my brother started high school and started studying programming. My mom bought him a computer, and he used to let me watch him play, and when he wasn’t home, I secretly borrowed his computer.

My first RTS experience was Age of Empires, but the one that really got me into esports was Starcraft. I used to play all day long when I was 12 years old. I started with the single player campaign and then jumped to experience with 1v1 ladder. Made lots of new friends on the chat channels and had clan wars quite often.

Several years later, i got my first job at a local internet gaming cafe named Cyber Terran. The owners were big fans of Starcraft and knew me from, so they invited me to work for them.

I remember that place was legendary: it had a huge and cool community that played all kinds of computer games, from Age of Empires to Counter-Strike. Soon enough Cyber Terran earned renown within the country. Local tournaments turned into regional tournaments, and people used to travel miles just to meet each other in real life.

By that time, World Cyber Games (WCG) came up, and turned esports the Olympics of gaming back in the day. It was the biggest esports event where you could compete first locally in your city or surroundings, and then if you succeeded, by traveling to the capital city to decide one or more representatives of each game to advance to the world’s finals, mainly in South Korea.

I wanted to be good at something, like extremely good. I’ve never been the best at anything but I’ve always been a try hard. So, I also played a lot of Warcraft III and Dota, from ladder to custom games and some Dota local tournaments, which by the way had a huge community.

Yes, I played World of Warcraft too. Resto shaman was my favorite spec in WoW: totems mechanics, healing spells and talents were super fun to play with. I also played a lot of League of Legends, Dota 2, Diablo III and Hearthstone. Not a fan of shooters or fighting games, I like strategy and using your resources efficiently in real time.

I played a lot of Starcraft 2 Beta along with the best pro players at that time, when the game was released I had a huge advantage over the vast majority of players and got invited by Blizzard to play a tournament in Brazil. That was the pinnacle for me as a player. After that, I tried out some luck as a video game broadcaster in esports events like Blizzcon Finals, Starcraft II Copa America, ESL tournaments and some more I can’t even remember.

Traveling was awesome, but the pay wasn’t good enough to make up for a living back then and I decided to move forward. And this is how i ended with a video post-production job instead.

Phew! Finally I want to say that this is the first game I’ve ever done, but that’s another story for next’s blog.

Next entry we’ll talk about how Cosmicrafts started. See you next week!

Omar Hernandes, Comiscrafts CEO

Omar ‘Bizkit’ Hernández works as as CEO, Artist and Executive Producer of Cosmicrafts game. He mainly loves gaming, beer and girls, best if combined at the same time. Terran User for life and mains a Resto Shaman in World of Warcraft.



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