A guide through Cosmicrafts NFTs

[New] Game NFTs, Artifacts and Airdrops

Cosmicrafts Beta brings the use case of NFTs for the first time.

We currently have 3 different types of NFTs, each one serving a different purpose around Cosmicrafts and the Internet Computer ecosystem.


Game NFTs


Let’s begin with our most sacred and valuable NFTs so far…


This series of NFTs are small and limited collections like Genesis and Spirats that brings you benefits by just holding, as a way of rewarding our investors:

These are just some examples of what you can get for every single Artifact you own:

Game Rewards are such an essential feature on Cosmicrafts, and Artifact holders such as Genesis and Spirats will enjoy more prizes with faster refresh times.

This would only be possible other way by paying $Spirals to refresh a rewarding Challenge immediately after completed.

Note that Game Rewards are is still in development as of August 2022.

Automatically participate in our Rewards Program to earn Tokens, NFTs and Whitelists from other projects, whenever you win something, it will be sent to the wallet holding the artifact and will notify through social media, as usual.

We also are happy to announce that we’ve collaborated with over 100 projects over the last year to bring you the best of the Internet Computer.

We’ll continue to expand our partnerships in new and different ways, like right now, we’re talking with Pokedbots to bring them to life to Cosmicrafts as Characters and Units in-game.

Isn’t it super cool?

Cosmicrafts is getting Metaverse Ready!

Join our private club of investors and meet great people, grow your network, discuss about other projects or create your own project and collaborate with the ecosystem.

You can find us on Discord! When you get your Artifact, simply open a ticket and an official member of the Team will get you on board!

Game NFTs

Usable in-game NFTs, we simplified them into 3 categories:

The core of the game, units are the objects you can use to battle. From Spaceships, Space Stations, Turrets and Secret Weapons, each one of them with unique properties and different purposes to make your strategy.

The heroes of the game will boost up your Units to a new level, enhancing their properties and adding passive abilities like Critical Strike, Evasion, Slow, Stun, etc.

Show your shine with our Cosmetics, get a new Avatar, dress up your Units and Characters with Skins, use your favorite Emotes to express your feelings inside the game.

Airdrop NFTs

We want to communicate that Airdrop NFTs are a great way to bring more people to the community, we want everyone in Web3 to have at least 1 Cosmicrafts NFT in their wallets.

Not only looks very attractive in your inventory, but you can also actually have some kind of utility our of them.

And before everybody slams against us for giving away thousands of NFTs, we want to tell you that we have a plan.

Burn your Airdrop NFT and get a new Game NFT.

Only the most valuable and precious will survive!

By the way, Airdrop and Game NFTs are brought you by NFT Anvil!

We love you Blacksmith, you know we do.

And remember, there’s always something you can do with Cosmicrafts NFTs, join our Discord to learn more about the project.

Here is an invitation: https://discord.gg/hwdZ2aBC

We’ll continue to work super hard to deliver you the most advanced and promising Gaming project on the Internet Computer

See you on board, we love you!


Omar Hernandez

Cosmicrafts Founder CEO



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